I’m Fine Where I Am, Thanks!

What do you do when someone (a coworker) volunteers you for something you don’t want to do?

I love to make people happy. Rarely will I say no to something I’m asked to do. I am always the first one to offer help or guidance when asked. But sometimes this tends to get me into trouble.

Recently, there became a job vacancy at my place of employment. Someone thought it would be a good idea to go to the head of said department and recommend me for the job. At first I was flattered but then I was angry.

I am fairly new to my position and still learning the ropes. As much as I love new challenges and opportunities, this one is in a department that I have zero interest in. Now, I am getting emails from the head of the department about taking on tasks from this recently vacated role.

Do I confront my coworker and tell them I didn’t appreciate them volunteering me for the new job? Do I confront the head of the department (who is already drowning in work) and tell them I don’t want to help and risk sounding like a an absolute b****?

If you too struggle with saying no, I feel you. I commiserate with you and I am a failure freak with you.


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