“Please Put On Your Mask Before Helping Others”

Airplanes. What a funny concept. A gigantic chunk of metal gliding through the sky that gets you to your next destination. Kinda weird when you think about it.

I’ve learned a lot from my time on airplanes. I’ve learned where a barf bag is and how to whip it out at lightning speed when your neighbor starts heaving. I’ve learned how to jam all my worldly possessions in a bad that weighs less than 50 pounds. But, the most important lessons I’ve learned come from the safety regulations. Yes, you read that right, safety regulations.

For years, flight attendants have told us, “in the case of an emergency, put on our own mask before assisting others”. Well, I’m about to rock your world because the same rule applies when there is no emergency. Take care of your own mental health before taking on other people’s problems or you may just find yourself without any air.

In the event of a crash landing, leave all possessions on the plane. When I was younger this one really got to me. My phone is like my LIFEEE how could you expect me to leave it!? In reality, your possessions weigh you down more than they lift you up. Take care of YOU and enjoy the life around you, not the life you see on Instagram.

There are exits in the front, rear, and sides of the plane with floor lights to guide your way. Even in the darkest times there is a way out and a light to guide you. Understand that sometimes the closest exit may be behind you. Be prepared to address some things you left in your past in order to move forward. Make sure you look at things from all angles…even if it’s something as silly as safety regulations on a plane.

If you too think airplanes are weird/strangely knowledgeable, I feel you. I commiserate with you and I am a failure freak with you.


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