Oh This? I Just Carry My Life In It

Does anyone else carry their life in their purse? I definitely do, not kidding. You need deodorant? I got you. Pens? Would you like purple, blue, or green? Paper? Notebook or loose leaf? Hair ties? Thick or thin? Perfume? I have three choices for you.

I recently went downtown to attend a baseball game (that got rained out). My fiancé and I went with a couple of his female coworkers. At first, I felt stupid for bringing my suitcase-sized purse with me. Then one of the girls needed a bandaid and I whipped out three for her to choose from. A little while later, same girl asked for a mint. I, again, presented her with three options. She told my fiancé I was “super handy”. Nope, just carry my life in my purse.

I clearly get it from my mom. This woman tried to go through airport security with a metal ice cream scoop in her purse. Lady, where are you scooping ice cream on the plane!? Doesn’t stop there, when I was in middle school, she won one of those ‘craziest-things-in-your-purse’ games…for a calculator. Not the small ones my friends, the large and in charge ones people use for finances. A CALCULATOR.

I might not be quite at her level but I feel really close. I think the most random thing in my purse right now is an expired lottery ticket for a state I don’t live in anymore. Who knows-it may come in handy one day (you may be a hoarder if…).

If you too carry your whole life in an oversized bag, I feel you. I commiserate with you and I am a failure freak with you.


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