Does ANYONE Know What They Are Doing?

Seriously, though. I’m asking for a friend. I only know a handful of people who went to college for the job they now have. Most people (me included) got a degree in something they thought they wanted and then switched gears when it came to finding a job. Or in my case, based on how hard/time consuming the next step in the career process may have been.

Our generation (aka the millennials-yes I’m appalled I used that too) is trapped in a pretty shitty situation, if you ask me. You have to go to college if you want a “good” job but most “good” jobs require a masters degree and by the time you finish your bachelors you’re so broke all you can afford is 20 cent ramen from the dollar store (yes I speak from experience LOL) .

Somehow, we’re all made to think we failed if we don’t have 100k in the bank, a husband/wife, a kid, a car, a house, no debt, and only work one job. In reality, that’s not normal for college graduates now a days. Hell, unless you’re a heiress or have been working since before you were born that’s not normal for any millennial (here I go again) college grad or not.

Can we all collectively agree the pressure to be successful, of our own creation, is punishment enough? All these expectations make my head hurt.

So a little louder for the people in the back, if you still live at home, have a degree you don’t use/no degree, have debt, aren’t married, can barely pay your bills, but get up everyday and keep trying, I feel you. I commiserate with you. I am a failure freak with you.  


PS: We may all be #failurefreaks to GenX but at least we know how to use a smartphone and all its emojis. 🤷🖕🏼

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